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Here are some links to my favourite film websites which I visit regularly.
The Internet Movie Database
Undoubtedly the most important site you will need to know. Has every piece of information for every film ever released. You wanna know every film someone has been in? You wanna know how much money a film made? You wanna know the soundtrack for a movie? You wanna know how many awards a film won? I could go on for hours...

Hollywood Elsewhere
This website features weekly movies columns from Jeffrey Wells in Hollywood. I think Wells is a great writer and I love hearing his wrap of all the upcoming films and what the early word is. I'm visiting here every week.

Movie List
My favourite trailer site! Has links to every trailer on the web and I've downloaded 100s through it. Daily updates and so if a trailer has just been released, you'll be the first with the opportunity to see it.

Rotten Tomatoes
A site I refer to constantly. It takes the reviews from all of America's leading critics and gives them an approval rating from 0 to 100%. Everything above 60% gets a fresh tomato and everything below gets a rotten tomato. It's the best overall guide to judge whether a film will be good or not before its released in Oz.

Mr Cranky
The funniest film site. Mr. Cranky gives every film a bad review and you'll split your sides laughing reading many of them.

Roger Ebert
He's my favourite U.S. critic and this is his own site with reviews and columns. Intelligent reading and I'll check it every week.

At The Movies
The website of Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton who host the best movie show in Australian which features on the ABC on Wednesday nights. You'll find all their past reviews and it's great if you missed the show on TV and still want to hear their thoughts.

Box Office Report
This the site where I get all my U.S. box-office info. It also has an awesome database which has all kinds of box-office records that are worth a look and provide useful trivia.

All About Movies
I have an awesome poster collection at home thanks to the people of All About Movies. It's a Brisbane based company who can track down any old video, DVD, poster, scripts, lobby cards, and any other film memorabilia that you can think of. They are an invaluable resource.

You'd be amazed how many times this site has come in handy. It's a database with every trailer and tells you the name of the song/composer that was used in it. So many times I get frustrated and say "where have I heard that music before?". Well now I can find out.

Awards Daily and Gold Derby
My favourite Oscar goss websites. They run all year around and as major films are released, they speculate on their chances come award season.

Academy Awards
There's no point looking at this site until February and March each year but once the Oscar race kicks off, it's filled with all the info on the noms and heaps of games and trivia.

Golden Rasberrys
The opposite of the Oscars, the Razzies celebrate the worst in cinema with their own awards show each year. Looking back at past winners and nominees brings back some hilariously painful memories.