Directed by: Roger Kumble
Written by:Nancy Pimental
Starring: Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate, Thomas Jane, Selma Blair, Jason Bateman
Released: July 25, 2002
Grade: C+

Ha!  This film is anything but sweet.  There have been so many gross-out comedies about guys and their sexual misadventures so I guess we were due for the female equivalent but it misfires on so many levels.

Christina (Diaz), Courtney (Applegate) and Jane (Blair) are successful young women living together in a fantastic apartment.  They love going out and teasing guys with their beauty.  But there’s a lack of commitment from them.  They have the power to get any guy they want but have broken away from many relationships for fear of getting too close.

Christina meets Peter (Jane) at a nightclub and they sense an instant connection.  Peter’s there celebrating his brother’s buck’s party and tells Christina to meet him back at the hotel room they’ve rented if she’s interested in hooking up.  As is always the case, she ums and arrs, decides not to and then regrets it later.  But she remembers that the wedding was being held in a nearby town called Sommerset and so she heads with Courtney on a quick road trip to find this man of her dreams and give it a go.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this film has something to say.  The above premise disguising the childish jokes that borrow heavily from films such as There’s Something About Mary and American Pie.  It’s directed by Roger Kimble who knows a thing or too about a racy flick having made the popular Cruel Intentions but this lacks the saucy sensuality of his first film.  These jokes are cheap.

There are a couple of redeeming scenes.  Midway during the film, Diaz and Applegate do a “movie montage” when whilst in a dress shop, wear some hilarious outfits made famous by films including Dumb & Dumber and Pretty Woman.  Even I had to laugh at that but as it’s the only gag worth talking about, you’re betting off renting the film on video and pressing the fast forward button for the rest of it.

With dialogue reminiscent of episodes from Sex And The City, the 90% female audience in my cinema shows who pretty clearly who the target market is.  Those guys that do show up won’t be doing so for the story - the numerous cleavage shots of all the female cast members will be enough to keep their eyes open.  Regardless of your sex, my advice is to give it a miss and find something else to do.