Directed by: Tony Goldwyn
Written by:Elizabeth Chandler
Starring: Ashley Judd, Greg Kinnear, Hugh Jackman, Marisa Tomei, Ellen Barkin
Released: July 12, 2001
Grade: B

“Old cow” theory:  Men, like cows, will invariably move on to another woman once they’ve slept together.  Developed by Jane Goodale (Judd), this theory has created a swarm of media exposure with women all over the country relating to her story.

Jane’s a person who tends to over-analyse confronting situations.  In looking for the right man, destiny sets her up with Ray Brown (Kinnear), a Washington producer who’s just started working for the same television studio as Jane.  Despite admitting to having a girlfriend, neither seems hindered and within six weeks, the “L” word (love) is being uttered whilst they look for an apartment to move into.

Just when things start looking serious, Ray gets cold feet.  He is confused over his attraction for two different people and he retreats from Jane who cannot understand why.  Thus, her “old cow” theory is formed. 

Emotionally fragile, Jane moves in with another workmate, Eddie (Jackman), who is quite the “ladies man”.  Jane is repelled by the idea that he picks up women every night but in his differences she finds insight.  They are both intelligent people and in opening up to each other, they learn that you can find true love more than once and they may soon be finding it in each other...

Based on Laura Zigman’s book, Someone Like You is told somewhat like a novel.  Creatively, the film is split into chapters with witty titles popping up on the screen every so often to let us know we’re moving on another tangent.  This is evident more so in the beginning and disappointingly, the film resorts to a more standard style in the final half-hour.

Despite the inevitable predictability that exists in a romantic comedy, actor turned director Tony Goldwyn (A Walk On The Moon) and writer Elizabeth Chandler (A Little Princess) keep things new.  It doesn’t suggest that some men are total scumbags and some men are perfectly perfect.  It tells women that there isn’t much difference between the two and that it’s sometimes their own insecurities and misconceptions that give this impression.

Yes, this film/fantasy is targeted at women and yes, women are going to enjoy it much more than men but yes, this is a romantic comedy worth seeing.  Ashley Judd and Hugh Jackman make a nice couple although it’s a hard to believe that a woman as beautiful as Judd could have such trouble finding a date.  Greg Kinnear may also consider a character change having played the sweet, charming guy once too often.  Aside, Someone Like You is not too heavy, it’s not too light, it’s just right.