Directed by: Robert Iscove
Written by:Andrew Lowery, Andrew Miller
Starring: Freddie Prinze Jr, Claire Forlani, Jason Biggs, Heather Donahue
Released: November 9, 2000
Grade: C-

Despite my strong disliking for them, I’m usually in a relaxed frame of mind when checking out the latest teen flick.  No thought is required and a showcase of young talent on display.  Ten minutes into Boys And Girls, it occurred to me that I’ve just got to stop going to these movies - they may be addictive but they sure are bad.

The story opens with Ryan (Prinze Jnr) and Jennifer (Forlani) bumping into each other at several points across the early years of their lives.  When the film settles, we find them at college where they develop a strong friendship but neither seems to have much luck when it comes to love.  From the opening minute it is painfully clear to the audience that the two are perfect for each other and will ultimately end up together.  Yet somehow our two stars find it necessary to draw it out for another 93 minutes.

I squirmed and squirmed trying to slink deeper and deeper into my seat, wanting to escape from the whole experience.  When you take the director of She’s All That and combine with the writer of Color Of Night, you can start saying your prayers.  It’s a love story so commercial, you’ll feel like it’s been written straight from a screenwriter’s textbook.  Rule number 1: If you’re going to tackle a genre that’s been done many times before at least try to make it different.

I never walk out of films but this is as close as I’ve gone this year.  The last half hour was spent slipping in and out of consciousness.  Boys And Girls should not be approached at any cost and is considered dangerous to your future wellbeing.