Directed by: Peter Chan
Written by:Maria Maggenti
Starring: Kate Capshaw, Blythe Danner, Ellen DeGeneres, Tom Selleck, Tom Everett Scott, Gloria Stuart
Released: February 10, 2000
Grade: C+

As the trailer from The Love Letter says, not a lot happens in the town of Loplolly By The Sea, that is until a mysterious love letter arrives addressed to nobody.  Well to be frankly honest, the arrival of the letter didn’t make this town any more interesting.  Period.

Kate Capshaw stars as Helen, the owner of the local bookstore who discovers an unaddressed, passionate love letter hidden in between two cushions of the bookstore’s couch.  Thinking it’s addressed to her, she goes in search of its owner and what ensues is a series of stupid twists in which everyone reads the letter and thinks its from their own secret admirer.

None of the cast are particularly funny and the late arrival of Blythe Danner and Gloria Stuart do nothing more than dig the movie into a deeper hole.

Interestingly enough, this film was released the same week as Star Wars: The Phantom Menace in the United States which I think says volumes about what executives thought of its chances in the marketplace.  They knew it stunk and so they released it at the worst possible time.

What more can you say.  This is just another is a long line of romantic comedies that just have no spark, no interest, no laughs and just no idea.