Directed by: Philippa Karmel
Written by:Philippa Karmel
Starring: Rachel Griffiths, David Roberts, Sandy Winton, Yael Stone, Shaun Loseby
Released: April 20, 2000
Grade: B-

Rachel Griffiths, in her first performance since being nominated for an Oscar in Hilary and Jackie, has not gone “Hollywood” but rather has returned home for this low-budget Australia romantic tale.

In the tradition of Sliding Doors, Me Myself I is the story of Pamela Drury.  She’s just celebrated her 30th birthday and panic is setting in - will she be going through her whole life without meeting the right man?  She still has thoughts of her dream guy from high school, Robert Dixon, but he’s long married and out of her reach.

That is until the switch.  Pamela suddenly finds herself in a whole new life - the one in which she did marry Robert all those years ago.  It’s gives her a unique opportunity to look at what her life might have been.

Philippa Karmel is a first time director having branched out from an editing career that included an Academy Award nomination for her work on Shine.  Pip is also wrote the script which is obviously influenced by prior films.

Rachel Griffiths brings charm to her persona in what is one of her first leading roles.  The rest of cast are reasonable but they don’t bring much life to the story, which is flimsy.  There are nice lighthearted moments but the film rehashes old and abused material by the bucketful which leaves few surprises or refreshment.

In a pleasant change, this film does not have an Australian feel to it despite its origins.  These days, you can tell an Aussie film from a mile off (ala The Craic, The Wog Boy).  Me Myself I has a strong American influence that doesn’t necessarily help the film but is a good experiment.

Likely to make a few bucks in Australia and please audiences with its idea, toilet humour and senseless nudity, this film isn’t up to the benchmark set by Sliding Doors (which I should add isn’t such a high mark).  Don’t worry, this idea of two different scenarios will be back soon I guarantee.  Until then...