Directed by: Rob Cohen
Written by:John Pogue
Starring: Joshua Jackson, Paul Walker, Hill Harper, Christopher McDonald
Released: July 6, 2000
Grade: C+

Luke (Jackson) is a rower, scholar and well-respected member of his university.  He puts in the hard yards but just doesn’t have the financial backing to attend the college that will provide him with a dream legal education.

There is one answer to Luke’s problems.  An exclusive, secret society known as the Skulls has the reputation of providing for one’s future but obtaining membership is harder than cracking the most secure safe.

Luke is given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when he is preselected as a candidate for membership and put through a series of tests to evaluate his loyalty.  He is paired with Caleb (Walker), with whom he develops a bond.  Everything is perfect for Luke until his best friend is found hanged in his room and suspicions are aroused.  Does this have anything to do with his association with the Skulls?

The Skulls is an attempt to break away from the traditional teen mould of soppy romance.  It has its thrills but gets bogged down in its oversimplification.  It’s disrespectful to the audience that studios think lowly enough of our intelligence to be taken in by this film.  It could have been so much better.

The cast does little to save the script with Jackson playing the good guy (as always) with his familiar style. Walker gets the juicier role and makes more of it.

It is rumoured that organisations like this do exist all over America and that the CIA was founded in such a way.  That may be the case but given the bunch of yuppie saps that are members of the Skulls, I’d rather not be a member.