Directed by: Chris Koch
Written by:Will McRobb,Chris Viscardi
Starring: Chris Elliott, Mark Webber, Iggy Pop, Pam Grier, Chevy Chase, John Schneider
Released: September 7, 2000
Grade: B-

Snow Day is the third film is be created by Nickelodeon Pictures following Harriet The Spy (1996) and Good Burger (1997).  When you see a Nickelodeon film you know what to expect - a G-rated family comedy and Snow Day fits the mould.

Hal Brandston (Webber) is a school kid with only one thing on his mind - Claire Bonner.  He’s been dying to ask her out but just can’t conjure up the courage to do so.  For Hal’s sister, Natalie, the winter has not gone so well.  Spring has almost approached and still no snow.  Every year she yearns for a “snow day” - that rarest of days that closes all schools.  Snow days have a reputation as a special day in which anything can happen.

Sure enough, the snow day arrives and the story begins.  Hal thinks it’s time to take a chance with Claire and Natalie sets out to stop the ploughman (Elliot) and help create a second snow day.

It’s all sweet with sugar on top.  Chevy Chase and Pam Grier pop up in small cameo-like roles and I was surprised that neither was given any good lines nor screen time.  The kids seem to take all the jokes but admittedly it is designed for a younger audience.

It’s hard to relate to a film like this in Brisbane given our climate but if you’re looking to offload the kids this school holidays, Snow Day could just be the ticket.