Directed by: Rob Reiner
Written by:Jessie Nelson
Starring: Bruce Willis, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tim Matheson, Rob Reiner, Rita Wilson, Paul Reiser, Julie Hagerty, Red Buttons
Released: March 16, 2000
Grade: A-

Looking at the trailers, you’d think The Story Of Us was another load of tacky, sentimental crap.  Ben (Willis) and Katie (Pfeiffer) have been married for 15 years.  They’ve been through their highs and lows but have currently reached a new low from which they may not return.  Their two children have gone off to camp for the summer and whilst away they begin a trial separation.

The Story Of Us, from acclaimed director Rob Reiner, is a passionate insight into what makes up a marriage and how many last as long as they do.  Bruce Willis is particularly frank in his portrayal and perhaps his recent split with Demi Moore provided inspiration.

The story is told by a series of flashbacks as the two reflect upon happier times and how they arrived to the current day.  As bad as things seem, they are determined to put the kids first and don’t want them having the impression that something is amiss.

It posses lots of questions but doesn’t offer too many answers which is the way it should be.  Many will see similarities with past or current relationships and it’s a movie that makes you realise that this happens to a lot of people and things cannot always work out.  The burning question is where is that point of no return and have they reached it?

The film is filled with many lighthearted moments also including a fantastic scene with Willis, Rob Reiner and Rita Wilson in a restaurant.  It’s a mixture of comedy and emotion without having it all forced down your throat.

A refreshing romantic drama which finally tells it how it is rather than how we want to be.  Well told and creatively shot, there are a few lessons to be learnt for us all.