Directed by: Tony Scott
Written by:Bill Marsilii, Terry Rossio
Starring: Denzel Washington, Paula Patton, Val Kilmer, Jim Caviezel, Adam Goldberg, Bruce Greenwood
Released: January 18, 2007
Grade: B-

A terrorist act has been committed in New Orleans.  A ferry carrying hundreds of people has exploded and there appear to be few survivors.  As part of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tabacco and Firearms, Doug Carlin (Washington) has been called in to help investigate.  Within hours, he knows it has been caused by a very powerful bomb which was on-board the doomed ferry.

Whilst at the crime scene, Doug gets a call from a friend at the morgue.  There, he will find the body of a young woman with burns similar to those who were caught up in the explosion.  What puzzles Doug is the fact that this woman, identified as Claire Kuchever, was found before the ferry exploded.  How can this be?  Is she somehow linked with the people who committed the terrorist act?  Will it help the investigative team track down the people behind it?

Doug’s uncanny ability to profile a profile a crime scene has caught the attention of Agent Andrew Pryzwarra (Kilmer).  He represents a secret government organisation which has new technology it will use for the first time.  They can look back 4 days in time and focus their invisible cameras on any part of New Orleans.  Their cameras can go both indoors and outdoors.  They are effectively, looking back in time.  Doug doesn’t understand how this is possible but goes along with it given the urgency of the situation.

Doug’s job is to tell them where to point their cameras.  What would the people who committed this terrible act be doing in the days leading up the event?  Where can they be found?  His first stop is the home of Claire Kuchever and an unimaginable investigation has begun…

I didn’t know what to expect with Deja Vu.  Director Tony Scott is great at creating fast-paced action as evidenced by his recent films, Domino, Man On Fire and Spy Game.  However, his films don’t always have the strongest of storylines.  Half way through Deja Vu, I was very impressed.  An interesting premise had been created and I was curious to know how it would end.  Sadly, the final hour was a huge let down.  Without giving too much away, the plot twists lacked credibility and I kept wondering how certain events were possible.

It’s a good performance from Denzel Washington.  His confident yet laid-back attitude suits the role of Doug Carlin.  He doesn’t always pick the right roles but Washington is a likeable actor who can give most all films a boost.

This should have been better.