Directed by: Karen Kusama
Written by:Phil Hay, Matt Manfredi
Starring: Charlize Theron, Marton Csokas, Jonny Lee Miller, Sophie Okonedo, Frances McDormand, Pete Postlethwaite
Released: March 16, 2006
Grade: C

In the year 2011, a virus wiped out most of the world’s population.  The few that survived now live in an enclosed city ruled by Trevor Goodchild (Csokas).  The city is surrounded by walls which prevent its residents from going out into the wilderness which now covers the globe.

Four hundred years have since past and a resistance is rising against Goodchild and his regime.  There have been strange happenings in the city and answers are being sought.  Why have been people been disappearing?  Why have some been experiencing strange delusions?  Why can’t anyone go outside the walls?

Aeon Flux (Theron) has been given an assignment to kill Goodchild but when the opportunity presents itself, she is unable to go through with it.  She senses that Goodchild may not be the person responsible for the city’s unrest and wants to dig deeper to find out who the bad guys really are…

You’d struggle to find a recent flick with stiffer dialogue.  It may be a futuristic sci-fi flick but these characters have no personalities!  Every body movement looks unnatural and you’d think the cast were reading directly off auto-cues.  Please give them a life.

The storyline has some interesting components but it looks awfully similar to The Island (released last year with Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson).  I also felt that the filmmakers have spent too much time creating a colourful, futuristic world as opposed to writing a decent script.  It looks great visually and Charlize’s hair styles are cool but what’s supposed to make it interesting?

The film is based on a cartoon series which aired on MTV in the United States.  Those that have seen and enjoyed it, will most likely appreciate the opportunity to see a live action version.  Suffice to say, I haven’t seen it.