Directed by: Judd Apatow
Written by:Judd Apatow, Steve Carell
Starring: Steve Carell, Catherine Keener, Paul Rudd, Romany Malco, Seth Rogen, Elizabeth Banks
Released: October 6, 2005
Grade: B

As the title tells us all, Andy Stitzer (Carell) is a 40-year-old virgin.  He’s always wanted to seal the deal but bad luck, bad timing and an overall lack of confidence has left him without.  When his friends from work learn of this fact, they’re determined to help him break the drought.

His friends though aren’t the greatest experts when it comes to wooing the ladies.  They cause more harm than good but it’s the perfect plot device to provide entertainment for the audience.  There are quite a few crude references so guys should perhaps be cautious when taking their girlfriends along.  If you need a guide, I counted several bestiality jokes.

Andy looks to have found the perfect chance when he meets Trish (Keener), a single mother who runs an unusual business.  The two enjoy spending time together but the pressure is building on Andy to take the relationship that one step further…

The 40-Year-Old Virgin has been the surprise hit of America so far this year.  Released in August (traditionally a dead time of the year), the film has grossed over $100m to date.  I can’t explain why it’s been the success that it has.  Perhaps we take enjoyment in the fact that even the ultimate nerd can still find romance.

Despite the good buzz from the U.S., I was a little disappointed with the comedy.  Some scenes were very funny but others weren’t.  Like many other comedies of late, the writers are stretching to make it last the full 90 minutes.  There’s padding and a few unnecessary subplots.  Evidenced by the length of this review, I need a longer attention span.