Directed by: Paul Greengrass
Written by:Tony Gilroy
Starring: Matt Damon, Franka Potente, Brian Cox, Julia Stiles, Joan Allen, Karl Urban
Released: August 26, 2004
Grade: A-

When we last left Jason Bourne (Damon), we thought we were leaving him for the last time.  Unfortunately for Jason, there are some people who want him found.  When a CIA operation in Berlin goes horribly wrong, two agents are killed and some top secret documents (which the CIA were after themselves) were stolen.  The only clue at the scene is a single fingerprint and investigating agent, Pamela Landy (Allen) has traced it to Jason Bourne.

However, us audience members know that Bourne was never there.  He’s been hiding on the coast of India for over two years with his girlfriend Marie (Potente).  His peace though is to be short lived when he is fired upon by an unknown assailant.  He assumes the CIA has broken their promise and once again come after him.

What now begins is a game of cat and mouse where both are chasing each other.  Landy and her CIA team are in search of Bourne.  Bourne is in search of the CIA to seek revenge and to find out why they want him eliminated.  Jason Bourne is a very cunning individual and Matt Damon plays him very well.  He’s well trained and that is why he has a habit of making the correct choices.  This isn’t one of those cheesy thrillers where our hero is fired upon 8 million times without being hit.  This is well thought out.

The Bourne Identity was released here in September 2002 and it wasn’t a particular favourite of mine.  This time around, I leave the cinema far more satisfied and perhaps it is the influence of new director Paul Greengrass (Bloody Sunday) which provided the biggest improvement.  I can’t ever recall seeing a film so heavily edited.  Some may be annoyed but I was fascinated.  It looks very fast, very real and you’d think Matt Damon did all the stunts himself.  Helping the fast pace is a super film score from John Powell.  I remember his work on The Italian Job and I think I’ll be visiting my nearest music score to pick up a copy of this soundtrack.

It’s another fine performance from Matt Damon who has now launched himself into superstar status along with the Tom Hanks’ and Mel Gibsons’ of this world.  One particular facit I liked was the limp he developed in the later stages.  Once again, it gives the pursuit a heightened sense of reality – he behaves like human unlike the stereotypical action heroes who hardly get a scratch.  The other cast member I can praise is Joan Allen (Nixon, The Contender) who I have always admired.  I have seen very little of this three time Academy Award nominee of late so it’s great to see her back.  She is the most underrated actress of Hollywood today.

The Bourne Supremacy is a very strong package with few weaknesses and it adds up to one of the best action/thriller releases of 2004.