Directed by: Tim Story
Written by:Ben Grant, Thomas Lennon, Jim Kouf
Starring: Queen Latifah, Jimmy Fallon, Henry Simmons, Jennifer Esposito, Gisele Bundchen
Released: November 11, 2004
Grade: C

Good luck trying to find a laugh in this pitiful excuse for a motion picture.  Queen Latifah is a delivery driver named Belle who has finally gotten her New York City taxi licence.  Jimmy Fallon is a police detective named Washburn who has had his licence revoked because he’s the worst driver on earth.

When a bank is robbed and Washburn is the nearest to the vicinity, he hops in Belle’s cab and the adventures begin.  The cab gets damaged, Belle’s boyfriend is fuming, Jimmy gets kicked off the force, and yet…  Pfffft, we all know what happens in the end.  They capture the robbers in a crazy car chase and redeem themselves.

How stupid is this plot?  How can a leading police officer not be able to drive?  How can the other police officers be so mind-numbingly stupid?  How can a group of women pull off these daring heists with such nonchalance?  I know this is supposed to be a comedy but I don’t find humour in any of this.  It may pass for a second grade skit on Saturday Night Live but not on a big screen and not costing me $8.