Directed by: Mark Mylod
Written by:Sacha Baron Cohen, Dan Mazer
Starring: Sacha Baron Cohen, Michael Gambon, Charles Dance, Kellie Bright, Martin Freeman
Released: July 18, 2002
Grade: C+

For some reason, Sacha Baron Cohen (aka Ali G) believes his “ingenious” breed of comedy deserves a movie in its own right.  Ali G In Da House is anything but original.  It’s filled with penis jokes, masturbation jokes, mum jokes and sex jokes.  Nothing special, all predictable, zero value.

If interested, the plot is as follows.  Ali G currently runs his own school for young kids and teaches them the ways of the world and how to “keep it real” - it’s like the boy scouts only with foul language and other adult themes.  When the government cuts off funding, Ali G begins a protest by chaining himself to a fence outside the office of the local government member.  Unfortunately, a rival gang makes fun of Ali and pulls down his pants before a blind council worker comes along and mistakenly cleans his “member” thinking it is a pole that needs cleaning.  Now do you understand the level of humour?

Anyway, this incident is seen by the deputy prime minister watching from across the street.  With an upcoming by-election, the prime minister has decided that with a dwindling vote, they need to find someone in touch with the youth of today to represent them at the election.  But the deputy intends to use this suggestion to his advantage.  Ali G will be perfect as he will disgrace the party, have the prime minister resign in shame and then as deputy, he will be promoted to the top job.

Of course it all goes wrong.  Ali G becomes a huge smash with the public and transforms parliament with his political incorrectness.  Did you expect anything else?

It’s just bland, uninspired comedy.   I chuckled a couple of times but the complete lack of intelligence wears thin very quickly.  Some more examples perhaps?  Ali G receives fellatio from his dog.  He pulls down the pants of the queen.  He has sex in the prime minister’s bedroom.  Let’s not forget the numerous homosexual gags and references that are thrown in.

He may be controversial but he doesn’t have enough material for a 90 minute feature.  Comedy is different for everyone though - there were people who liked Tom Green in Freddie Got Fingered despite the fact I thought it was a piece of trash.  Maybe there are similar people out there who like Ali G?  If you do, save me the trouble of an argument and keep it to yourself.