Best & Worst Lists

At the end of each year, I take great pleasure in compling a list of the best and worst films from the last 12 months. It provides "closure". I can encapsulate the cinematic year by listing 10 exceptional films and 10 horrendous films. It's fun looking back at years past and it can provide a good reference point when comparing year to year. Of the more than 4,300 films that I have reviewed, my favourite is Billy Elliot.

Here then are the links to my best and worst lists from 1996 to the current date. You can click on each year for the full list. Are there some films that you haven't seen before? If so, get off your butt and watch them!


  Year Best Film  

  1996 Romeo & Juliet  
1997 Titanic  
1998 The Sweet Hereafter  
1999 Being John Malkovich  
2000 Billy Elliot  
2001 Requiem For A Dream  
2002 Mulholland Drive  
2003 Chicago  
2004 Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind  
2005 Million Dollar Baby  
2006 Capote  
2007 The Lives Of Others  
2008 Juno  
2009 The Wrestler  
2010 Inception  
2011 Another Year  
2012 Shame  
2013 Life Of Pi  
2014 Boyhood  
2015 Inside Out  
2016 Brooklyn  
2017 Call Me by Your Name