Toomey Awards

One of my favourite parts of any film year is award season. It begins in December and culminates in late February with the Academy Awards.

Whilst waiting for my invitation to join the Academy, I decided to come up with my own self-indulgent awards. They're mirrored on the Academy Awards except there's a few different categories and there's no ceremony watched by a billion people. It still gives me an inflated sense of self esteem though... so don't worry.

Here then are the links to the winners and nominees since I started dishing out these awards in 2000. I go off a fiscal year and so for example, the 2000 awards include all films released between 1 July 1999 and 30 June 2000. You can click on each year for the full list.


  Year Best Film  

  2000 Being John Malkovich  
  2001 Billy Elliot  
  2002 Mulholland Drive  
  2003 Chicago  
  2004 Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind  
  2005 Million Dollar Baby  
  2006 Capote  
  2007 United 93  
  2008 Juno  
  2009 The Wrestler  
  2010 Avatar  
  2011 Inception  
  2012 Shame  
  2013 Life Of Pi  
  2014 Blue Jasmine  
  2015 Boyhood  
  2016 Brooklyn  
  2017 20th Century Women  
  2018 TBA