Directed by: Brett Ratner
Written by:Jeff Nathanson
Starring: Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, John Lone, Ziyi Zhang, Roselyn Shanchez, Harris Yulin
Released: September 27, 2001
Grade: B+

Detective’s Lee (Chan) and Carter (Tucker) are back but this time it’s on the other side of the world - Hong Kong.  Carter is visiting Lee for a holiday to see some Asian beauties but when an explosion at the U.S. embassy kills two secret service agents, Lee is called back on duty and Carter reluctantly follows.

The chief suspect is Ricky Tan (Lone) who was responsible for the death of Lee’s father five years earlier.  Lee’s never been able to nail Tan, the head of the Triad gang, but this could be the opportunity if he can find hard evidence that he was responsible.  However Tan is killed by a female advisari, Hu Lu (Zhang) and the case flips upside down.  Just who is running the Triad and why were the secret service agents targeted?

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are two of the most limited actors in Hollywood.  Chan has few acting skills and is a glamorised stunt man.  Tucker is politically incorrect and his sarcastically negative sense of humour wears very thin.  Yet when working together, they pull out enough jokes and action to keep Rush Hour 2 on the tracks.  Standing out from the cast is Ziyi Zhang.  Having burst onto the scene with her award winning role in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, her remarkable martial art skills have rocketed her to stardom - she’s awesome. 

It’s becoming a monotonous feature of all Chan movies but once again the funniest moment of the film are the out-takes shown during the closing credits.  The last two in particular (one involving a mobile phone and the other a reference to Rush Hour 3) easily gathered the most laughter from the audience.  Sure it’s nice to finish on a positive note but it illustrates that an actor’s ability to improvise is often overlooked in sticking strictly to a screenwriter’s script.

Yep it’s an old-fashioned action flick full of holes but its fun and much improved on the recent action line-up.  Remarkably similar to the original, it’ll please any who enjoyed Rush Hour 2’s predecessor.