Directed by: Nigel Cole
Written by:Mark Crowdy, Craig Ferguson
Starring: Brenda Blethyn, Craig Ferguson, Martin Clunes, Tcheky Karyo, Jamie Foreman
Released: October 12, 2000
Grade: B+

Her husband has just jumped out of a plane without a parachute and Grace Trvethyn (Blethyn) is in mourning.  Those feelings turn to shock when she finds her late husband had been involved in many bad business deals and raked up debts totalling 300,000 pounds leaving Grace penniless and the bank ready to seize title of her home.

Grace is a highly regarded member of the small town and she’s not going without a fight.  Her gardener, Matthew, is now out of a job and he asks Grace to help him with a small horticultural problem - he has a few small marijuana plants in the vicar's backyard that just aren’t growing.  Grace solves Matthew’s problems and in the process has come up with a solution to her own...

It’s hard not to think of Waking Ned Devine when seeing Saving Grace.  Both are comedies set in small towns with the whole community rallying around a bizarre scheme and a common goal.  Purely, it’s an English situation comedy that is entertaining and original.  Cast member Craig Ferguson is partly responsible for its screenplay and you can tell he had a fun conjuring up this idea.

Two-time Academy Award nominee Brenda Bleythn was a top choice to play the leading role.  I feel she doesn’t have the versatility to make it in the States but with roles like this coming her way, she won’t need to make the transition.  All the cast members though are a blast with their quirky characters and comedic lines.

The film ended rather abruptly for my liking and the sudden halt took a little time to digest.  The whole set up deserved a more fitting conclusion than a few TV clips shown during the end credits.  Regardless, Saving Grace is sure to be a talked as a peoples’ movie.  A real charmer.