Directed by: Kevin Smith
Written by:Kevin Smith
Starring: Elizabeth Banks, Seth Rogen, Craig Robinson, Jason Mewes, Traci Lords, Jeff Anderson
Released: February 19, 2009
Grade: B+

The title of this film is self explanatory. The fact that it is R-rated should also tell you a little bit more. Zack & Miri Make A Porno is the latest creation from Kevin Smith, the guy responsible for cult classics such as Clerks, Chasing Amy and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back.

The reason that Zack and Miri have found themselves making their own porno is because they have no cash. Their overdue on their rent payments and both the water and electricity have been cut off. They’re desperate. The pair come up with the idea after meeting gay porn star Brandon St. Randy (an hilarious cameo from Justin Long) at a high school reunion.

They assemble a small cast and end up shooting it at a Starbucks-life coffee shop where Zack works. Everyone’s excited and everyone’s hoping to make some money. There’s a catch however. Zack and Miri have been long-time friends and both are worried about their looming scene together. Can they sleep together for the purposes of the movie and still maintain their plutonic friendship?

This film won’t suit everyone’s tastes but fans of previous Kevin Smith flicks will probably get a few kicks out of it. Almost every joke involves sex and/or nudity. There’s a particular moment near the end of the film involving the cameraman that will leave you feeling sick and laughing hysterically. That’s not easy to do.

Lead stars Elizabeth Banks and Seth Rogen also make a fun couple. They work well off each other and I enjoyed listening to their light-hearted discussions. What I’m trying to say is that there’s a half-interesting story going on amongst the toilet-humour. Craig Robinson is the best of the supporting cast. He plays an under-the-thumb husband who has secretly put the funds to make the movie.

I can’t say too much more (in case little kiddies are reading this review) but if you’re over the age of 18 and don’t mind some low-brow comedy, you’re likely to lap this up.