The following is a list of all my reviews since I started out in 1996.
All films have been graded on a 9 point scale from A+ to C-. The year below is the date it was released in Australian cinemas.

Title Grade Release Mini Rev Full Rev
K-19: The Widowmaker B+ 2002   Full Rev
Kajillionaire B+ 2020 Mini Rev Full Rev
Kama Sutra B+ 1997    
Kangaroo Jack C+ 2003    
Kansas City B- 1996    
Karate Kid, The B+ 2010 Mini Rev  
Kate & Leopold C+ 2002   Full Rev
Kath & Kimderella C- 2012 Mini Rev  
Katy Perry: Part Of Me B 2012 Mini Rev  
Katyn B 2009 Mini Rev  
Kazaam B 1996    
Kedi B 2017 Mini Rev  
Keeper Of Lost Causes, The B+ 2014 Mini Rev  
Keeper, The B- 2019 Mini Rev Full Rev
Keeping Mum C 2006   Full Rev
Keeping The Faith B+ 2000   Full Rev
Keeping Up With The Joneses B 2016 Mini Rev  
Ken Park B -   Full Rev
Kenny A- 2006   Full Rev
Kevin And Perry Go Large C- 2000   Full Rev
Kick-Ass B+ 2010 Mini Rev Full Rev
Kick-Ass 2 C+ 2013 Mini Rev Full Rev
Kicking & Screaming C- 2005   Full Rev
Kid, The B 2000   Full Rev
Kid Who Would Be King, The C+ 2019 Mini Rev  
Kids Are All Right, The B 2010 Mini Rev Full Rev
Kiki, Love to Love B- 2017 Mini Rev  
Kill Bill: Volume One B+ 2003   Full Rev
Kill Bill: Volume Two B- 2004   Full Rev
Kill The Messenger B+ 2014 Mini Rev Full Rev
Kill Your Darlings B+ 2013 Mini Rev Full Rev
Killer, The A- 2023 Mini Rev  
Killer Elite C+ 2012 Mini Rev  
Killer Inside Me, The C+ 2010 Mini Rev  
Killers C+ 2010 Mini Rev Full Rev
Killers of the Flower Moon B+ 2023 Mini Rev  
Killing Ground B+ 2017 Mini Rev  
Killing Me Softly C 2002   Full Rev
Killing of a Sacred Deer B- 2017 Mini Rev  
Killing of Two Lovers, The A- 2021 Mini Rev  
Killing Them Softly B 2012 Mini Rev  
Kin C 2018 Mini Rev  
Kinds of Kindness B+ 2024 Mini Rev  
King Arthur C+ 2004   Full Rev
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword C 2017 Mini Rev  
King Kong A 2005   Full Rev
King Of Devil's Island A 2012 Mini Rev  
King Of Kong, The B- 2008    
King of Staten Island, The B+ 2020 Mini Rev Full Rev
King of Thieves C+ 2019 Mini Rev Full Rev
King Otto B 2021 Mini Rev  
King Richard A- 2022 Mini Rev Full Rev
King's Man, The C 2022 Mini Rev Full Rev
King, The C+ 2006    
King, The A- 2019 Mini Rev  
Kingdom Of Heaven B 2005   Full Rev
Kingdom, The C+ 2007   Full Rev
Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes B+ 2024 Mini Rev  
Kingpin B 1996    
Kings Of Mykonos: Wog Boy 2 C+ 2010 Mini Rev  
Kingsman: The Golden Circle B 2017 Mini Rev Full Rev
Kingsman: The Secret Service B+ 2015 Mini Rev Full Rev
King's Choice, The B+ 2017 Mini Rev  
King's Speech, The A 2010 Mini Rev Full Rev
Kinky Boots B 2006    
Kinsey A- 2005   Full Rev
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang A- 2005   Full Rev
Kiss Me Again A- 2011 Mini Rev  
Kiss Of The Dragon C 2001   Full Rev
Kiss Or Kill B+ 1997    
Kiss The Girls B 1997    
Kissing A Fool C 1998    
Kissing Jessica Stein A- 2002   Full Rev
Kitchen, The C- 2019 Mini Rev  
Kitchen Brigade, The B 2022 Mini Rev  
Kitchen Stories A 2004    
Kite Runner, The B+ 2008    
Knight And Day C+ 2010 Mini Rev Full Rev
Knight Of Cups C+ 2015 Mini Rev  
Knight's Tale, A B+ 2001   Full Rev
Knives Out B 2019 Mini Rev Full Rev
Knock C+ 2018 Mini Rev  
Knock at the Cabin C- 2023 Mini Rev  
Knock Off C 1999    
Knockaround Guys B- 2003    
Knocked Up A- 2007   Full Rev
Knowing C 2009   Full Rev
Knowing the Score B+ 2023 Mini Rev  
Kokoda A 2006   Full Rev
Kompromat B 2022 Mini Rev Full Rev
Kon-Tiki B- 2013 Mini Rev  
Kong: Skull Island C+ 2017 Mini Rev Full Rev
K-Pax B+ 2002   Full Rev
Kubo And The Two Strings B+ 2016 Mini Rev  
Kull The Conqueror C 1997    
Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter B+ 2015 Mini Rev  
Kundun B+ 1998    
Kung Fu Hustle A- 2005    
Kung Fu Panda A- 2008   Full Rev
Kung Fu Panda 2 B- 2011 Mini Rev Full Rev
Kung Fu Panda 4 B- 2024 Mini Rev  
Kung Pow: Enter The Fist C+ 2002    
Kursk B- 2019 Mini Rev