Review Archive Listing - N

The following is a list of all my reviews since I started out in 1996.

All films have been graded on a 9 point scale from A+ to C-. The year below is the date it was released in Australian cinemas.

  Title Grade Released Mini Rev Full Review

  Nacho Libre B- 2006   Full Review
  Namatjira Project A- 2017 Mini Rev  
  Namesake, The A 2007   Full Review
  Nancy Drew C 2007    
  Nanny Diaries, The C+ 2007    
  Nanny McPhee C+ 2006   Full Review
  Nanny McPhee & The Big Bang C+ 2010 Mini Rev  
  Napoleon B 1996    
  Napoleon Dynamite A- 2004    
  Narc B+ 2003   Full Review
  Nathalie C+ 2004    
  National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation C 1997    
  National Security C 2003    
  National Treasure B 2004   Full Review
  National Treasure: Book Of Secrets B- 2007   Full Review
  Nativity Story, The B- 2006    
  Nebraska A 2014 Mini Rev Full Review
  Ned B 2003   Full Review
  Ned Kelly C 2003   Full Review
  Need For Speed C 2014 Mini Rev Full Review
  Negotiator, The A- 1998    
  Neil Young: Heart Of Gold B- 2006    
  Neon Demon, The C+ 2016 Mini Rev  
  Neruda B 2017 Mini Rev  
  Nerve C 2016 Mini Rev Full Review
  Never Back Down B 2008    
  Never Been Kissed C+ 1999    
  Never Let Me Go B- 2011 Mini Rev Full Review
  Never Say Never A- 2011 Mini Rev  
  New Guy, The C 2002    
  New In Town B- 2009    
  New Moon B- 2009 Mini Rev Full Review
  New World, The B 2006    
  New Years Eve B- 2011 Mini Rev  
  New York Minute B- 2004    
  New York, I Love You B- 2010 Mini Rev  
  Newcastle A- 2008    
  Newton Boys, The B 1998    
  Next B+ 2007   Full Review
  Next Best Thing, The C- 2000   Full Review
  Next Friday B 2000    
  Next Three Days, The B+ 2011 Mini Rev Full Review
  Nice Guys, The A- 2016 Mini Rev Full Review
  Nicholas Nickleby B+ 2003   Full Review
  Nick Of Time B- 1996    
  Night B 2008    
  Night At The Museum B+ 2006   Full Review
  Night At The Museum 2 B- 2009 Mini Rev Full Review
  Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb C+ 2014 Mini Rev  
  Night At The Roxbury, A B+ 1999    
  Night Before, The B 2015 Mini Rev  
  Night Falls On Manhatten B 1997    
  Night Listener, The C+ 2007    
  Night Train To Lisbon B- 2013 Mini Rev  
  Night Watch A- 2005    
  Night We Called It A Day, The B 2003    
  Nightcrawler B+ 2014 Mini Rev Full Review
  Nightmare On Elm Street, A C 2010 Mini Rev Full Review
  Nights In Rodanthe C 2008    
  Nightwatch C 1998    
  Nil By Mouth B+ 1998    
  Nim's Island B- 2008    
  Nine B+ 2010 Mini Rev Full Review
  Nine Lives B 2008    
  Nine Queens A- 2002   Full Review
  Ninth Gate, The B+ 2000    
  Nixon A- 1996    
  No A- 2013 Mini Rev  
  No Country For Old Men A 2007   Full Review
  No Man's Land A 2002    
  No Reservations A- 2007   Full Review
  No Strings Attached A- 2011 Mini Rev Full Review
  No. 2 A- 2006    
  Noah C 2014 Mini Rev Full Review
  Nocturnal Animals A 2016 Mini Rev Full Review
  Noise B+ 2007    
  Noma My Perfect Storm C+ 2016 Mini Rev  
  Non-Stop B 2014 Mini Rev Full Review
  Noodle B+ 2009 Mini Rev  
  Norbit C- 2007   Full Review
  Norman C+ 2017 Mini Rev  
  North Country A- 2006   Full Review
  Norwegian Wood B- 2011 Mini Rev  
  Not Another Teen Movie C+ 2002    
  Not Quite Hollywood A- 2008   Full Review
  Not Suitable For Children B- 2012 Mini Rev Full Review
  Notebook, The A- 2004   Full Review
  Notes On A Scandal A 2007   Full Review
  Nothing To Lose B+ 1997    
  Notorious B 2009    
  Notorious Betty Page, The B 2007    
  Notting Hill A- 1999    
  Now And Then C+ 1996    
  Now You See Me C 2013 Mini Rev Full Review
  Now You See Me 2 C- 2016 Mini Rev  
  Nowhere Boy B 2009 Mini Rev  
  Nowhere In Africa B 2003    
  Nugget, The C 2002    
  Number 23, The C+ 2007    
  Nun, The C+ 2018 Mini Rev Full Review
  Nurse Betty A+ 2001   Full Review
  Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature, The C- 2018 Mini Rev  
  Nutty Professor 2, The C- 2000   Full Review
  Nutty Professor, The B+ 1996    
  Nymphomaniac B 2014 Mini Rev