Review Archive Listing - R

The following is a list of all my reviews since I started out in 1996.

All films have been graded on a 9 point scale from A+ to C-. The year below is the date it was released in Australian cinemas.

  Title Grade Released Mini Rev Full Review

  R.I.P.D. C 2013 Mini Review  
  R.V. C+ 2006   Full Review
  Rabbit Hole A- 2011 Mini Rev Full Review
  Rabbit Proof Fence A- 2002   Full Review
  Race The Sun C+ 1996    
  Race To Witch Mountain B- 2009 Mini Rev Full Review
  Rachel Getting Married B- 2009   Full Review
  Racing Stripes C+ 2005    
  Radiance B+ 1998    
  Rage In Placid Lake, The A 2003   Full Review
  Rage: Carrie 2, The C+ 1999    
  Raid, The B+ 2012 Mini Rev  
  Raid 2, The A 2014 Mini Rev  
  Railway Man, The A- 2013 Mini Rev  
  Rainmaker, The B+ 1998    
  Raise Your Voice C+ 2005    
  Raising Helen B- 2004   Full Review
  Raising Victor Vargas A- 2003    
  Rambo C 2008    
  Rampage C+ 2006    
  Rampage C 2018 Mini Rev Full Review
  Rams B+ 2016 Mini Rev  
  Random Hearts B+ 1999    
  Rango C+ 2011 Mini Rev Full Review
  Ransom A 1996    
  Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale B+ 2010 Mini Rev  
  Rat Race B- 2002    
  Ratatouille A 2007   Full Review
  Rats And Cats C+ 2008    
  Ravenous B+ 1999    
  Raw A- 2017 Mini Rev  
  Ray B+ 2005   Full Review
  Razzle Dazzle B 2007    
  Reaching For The Moon B 2014 Mini Rev  
  Read My Lips B+ 2003    
  Reader, The A 2009   Full Review
  Ready Player One B+ 2018 Mini Rev  
  Real Cancun, The C- 2003   Full Review
  Real Macaw, The B- 1998    
  Real Steel A- 2011 Mini Rev Full Review
  Reaping, The C 2007    
  Rebound C 2006    
  Rebound, The B 2010 Mini Rev Full Review
  Recess: School's Out C 2001   Full Review
  Recruit, The B 2003    
  Red B+ 2010 Mini Rev  
  Red 2 C+ 2013 Mini Rev  
  Red Cliff B+ 2009 Mini Rev  
  Red Corner C+ 1998    
  Red Dawn C+ 2012 Mini Rev  
  Red Dog B+ 2011 Mini Rev Full Review
  Red Dog: True Blue B+ 2016 Mini Rev  
  Red Dragon B+ 2002   Full Review
  Red Dust A- 2005    
  Red Eye B 2005   Full Review
  Red Hill B 2010 Mini Rev Full Review
  Red Obsession A- 2013 Mini Rev Full Review
  Red Planet C 2000   Full Review
  Red Riding Hood B 2011 Mini Rev  
  Red Sparrow B- 2018 Mini Rev Full Review
  Red State B- 2011 Mini Rev  
  Red Violin, The A- 1999    
  Reef, The C+ 2011 Mini Rev  
  Reign Of Fire C+ 2002    
  Reign Over Me B+ 2007   Full Review
  Reindeer Games C+ 2000   Full Review
  Relic, The B- 1997    
  Religulous A- 2009 Mini Rev  
  Reluctant Fundamentalist, The B- 2013 Mini Rev Full Review
  Reluctant Infidel, The B 2010 Mini Rev  
  Remember Me B- 2004    
  Remember Me A- 2010 Mini Rev  
  Remember The Titans B 2001   Full Review
  Rendition B 2008    
  Reno 911!: Miami C+ 2007    
  Rent B- 2006    
  Replacement Killers, The C+ 1998    
  Replacements, The B- 2000   Full Review
  Requiem For A Dream A+ 2001   Full Review
  Rescue Dawn B+ 2007    
  Resident Evil B- 2002    
  Resident Evil: Afterlife C- 2010 Mini Rev Full Review
  Resident Evil: Apocalypse C 2004    
  Resident Evil: Extinction C+ 2007    
  Resident Evil: Retribution C- 2012 Mini Rev  
  Resident Evil: The Final Chapter C- 2017 Mini Rev  
  Restless A- 2011 Mini Rev  
  Restoration B 1996    
  Return To Me C+ 2000    
  Return To Neverland C 2002    
  Return To Nim's Island C+ 2013 Mini Rev  
  Return, The B+ 2004    
  Revenant, The B+ 2016 Mini Rev Full Review
  Revolutionary Road A 2009   Full Review
  Richard III B 1996    
  Ricki & The Flash B 2015 Mini Rev  
  Riddick B- 2013 Mini Rev Full Review
  Ride Along C+ 2014 Mini Rev  
  Ride Along 2 C 2016 Mini Rev  
  Riding Giants B- 2005    
  Riding In Cars With Boys C+ 2001   Full Review
  Ring 2, The C 2005   Full Review
  Ring, The B+ 2002   Full Review
  Ringer, The C 2006    
  Rings C 2017 Mini Rev  
  Rio A- 2011 Mini Rev  
  Rio 2 B- 2014 Mini Rev  
  Rip Tide C+ 2017 Mini Rev  
  Ripley's Game B+ 2003   Full Review
  Rise Of The Eco-Warriors B- 2014 Mini Rev  
  Rise Of The Guardians B+ 2012 Mini Rev Full Review
  Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes C 2011 Mini Rev Full Review
  Risen C+ 2016 Mini Rev  
  Risk B+ 2001    
  Rite, The C 2011 Mini Rev Full Review
  River Queen C 2006   Full Review
  River Street B 1997    
  Road To El Dorado, The B 2000    
  Road To Guantanamo, The A- 2006   Full Review
  Road To Nhill B+ 1997    
  Road To Perdition A 2002   Full Review
  Road Trip B 2000   Full Review
  Road, The B+ 2010 Mini Rev Full Review
  Roadkill B 2002   Full Review
  Robin Hood B 2010 Mini Rev Full Review
  RoboCop B+ 2014 Mini Rev  
  Robot And Frank B+ 2012 Mini Rev  
  Robots B 2005    
  Rock Of Ages C 2012 Mini Rev  
  Rock School C+ 2005    
  Rock Star B+ 2001    
  Rock, The B+ 1996    
  Rocket Science A- 2010 Mini Rev Full Review
  Rocket, The A- 2013 Mini Rev Full Review
  RocknRolla C+ 2008   Full Review
  Rocky Balboa B- 2007    
  Roger Dodger B+ 2003   Full Review
  Rogue B 2007   Full Review
  Rogue Assassin C- 2007    
  Rogue One: A Star Wars Story B 2016 Mini Rev  
  Rogue Trader A- 1999    
  Role Models B+ 2009    
  Rollerball C 2002   Full Review
  Roman de Gare B+ 2008    
  Romantics Anonymous B 2012 Mini Rev Full Review
  Romeo & Juliet B- 2014 Mini Rev  
  Romeo Must Die C 2000   Full Review
  Romulus, My Father B+ 2007    
  Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion C 1997    
  Ronin B 1999    
  Rookie, The B+ 2002    
  Room B+ 2016 Mini Rev Full Review
  Rosalie Blum C+ 2016 Mini Rev  
  Rosewater B+ 2015 Mini Rev  
  Rough Night B 2017 Mini Rev Full Review
  Round Up, The C+ 2011 Mini Rev  
  Rounders B+ 1999    
  Rover, The A- 2014 Mini Rev Full Review
  Royal Affair, A B+ 2012 Mini Rev  
  Royal Night Out, A C+ 2015 Mini Rev Full Review
  Royal Tenenbaums, The A- 2002   Full Review
  Ruben Guthrie C- 2015 Mini Rev  
  Ruby Sparks B- 2012 Mini Rev  
  Rugrats Go Wild, The B- 2003    
  Rugrats In Paris, The C 2001    
  Rugrats Movie, The B- 1999    
  Rules Don't Apply C+ 2017 Mini Rev  
  Rules Of Attraction, The A- 2003   Full Review
  Rules Of Engagement A- 2000   Full Review
  Rum Diary, The B- 2012 Mini Rev Full Review
  Rumble In The Bronx B 1996    
  Rumour Has It… B+ 2006   Full Review
  Run All Night B- 2015 Mini Rev Full Review
  Run Fat Boy Run B- 2008    
  Run Lola Run A- 1999    
  Runaway Bride, The B 1999    
  Runaway Jury A- 2003   Full Review
  Runaways, The B- 2010 Mini Rev  
  Runner Runner C+ 2013 Mini Rev  
  Running With Scissors B+ 2007    
  Rush B+ 2013 Mini Rev Full Review
  Rush Hour B+ 1999    
  Rush Hour 2 B+ 2001   Full Review
  Rush Hour 3 B- 2007    
  Rushmore B+ 1999    
  Russian Ark C+ 2003    
  Russian Dolls A- 2005   Full Review
  Rust & Bone B- 2013 Mini Rev