The following is a list of all my reviews since I started out in 1996.
All films have been graded on a 9 point scale from A+ to C-. The year below is the date it was released in Australian cinemas.

Title Grade Release Mini Rev Full Rev
Da Vinci Code, The B 2006   Full Rev
Daddy Day Camp C- 2007    
Daddy Day Care C+ 2003    
Daddy's Home C+ 2015 Mini Rev  
Daddy's Home 2 C+ 2017 Mini Rev Full Rev
Dallas Buyer's Club B+ 2014 Mini Rev Full Rev
Dan In Real Life C+ 2008   Full Rev
Dance Academy: The Movie B 2017 Mini Rev Full Rev
Dance Flick C 2009 Mini Rev  
Dancer B- 2016 Mini Rev  
Dancer, The C+ 2017 Mini Rev  
Dancer In The Dark A- 2000   Full Rev
Dancer Upstairs, The A- 2003   Full Rev
Dangerous Liaisons B+ 2012 Mini Rev  
Dangerous Method, A B 2012 Mini Rev  
Danish Girl, The B+ 2016 Mini Rev Full Rev
Danny Deckchair C 2003    
Dante's Peak B+ 1997    
Daredevil C+ 2003   Full Rev
Darjeeling Limited, The B+ 2007    
Dark Blue World B 2002   Full Rev
Dark City A 1998    
Dark Horse, The B+ 2014 Mini Rev  
Dark Knight Rises, The B 2012 Mini Rev Full Rev
Dark Knight, The A- 2008   Full Rev
Dark Shadows C+ 2012 Mini Rev Full Rev
Dark Tower, The C+ 2017 Mini Rev Full Rev
Dark Water B- 2005    
Darkest Hour B+ 2018 Mini Rev Full Rev
Darkest Hour, The C 2012 Mini Rev  
Darkest Minds, The C+ 2018 Mini Rev  
Darkness Falls C 2003    
Date Movie C+ 2006    
Date Night C+ 2010 Mini Rev  
Dating The Enemy C+ 1996    
Daughter, The B+ 2016 Mini Rev Full Rev
Dave Chappelle's Block Party B 2006   Full Rev
David Brent: Life On The Road C- 2016 Mini Rev  
David Stratton: A Cinematic Life B 2017 Mini Rev Full Rev
Dawn Of The Dead B- 2004    
Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes A- 2014 Mini Rev Full Rev
Day After Tomorrow, The C+ 2004   Full Rev
Day The Earth Stood Still, The C 2008    
Day Watch B+ 2007    
Daybreakers B+ 2010 Mini Rev Full Rev
Daylight C+ 1996    
Dead Europe B- 2012 Mini Rev  
Dead Girl, The B+ 2007    
Dead Heart B 1996    
Dead Letter Office B- 1998    
Dead Man C- 1996    
Dead Man Down C 2013 Mini Rev  
Dead Man On Campus C- 1999    
Dead Man Walking A 1996    
Deadpool A- 2016 Mini Rev Full Rev
Deadpool 2 B- 2018 Mini Rev Full Rev
Dean Spanley B+ 2009    
Dear Claudia C 1999    
Dear Frankie B+ 2005    
Dear John B 2010 Mini Rev Full Rev
Death At A Funeral B+ 2007   Full Rev
Death Defying Acts B- 2008    
Death Of A President B 2007   Full Rev
Death of Stalin, The B 2018 Mini Rev  
Death Proof A- 2007   Full Rev
Death Race B 2008    
Debt, The B 2011 Mini Rev  
December Boys B 2007   Full Rev
Deception C+ 2008    
Deck Dogz C 2005    
Deck The Halls C- 2006    
Declaration Of War B- 2012 Mini Rev  
Deconstructing Harry A- 1998    
Deep Blue C+ 2004    
Deep Blue Sea B+ 1999    
Deep Blue Sea, The C+ 2012 Mini Rev  
Deep End Of The Ocean, The A- 1999    
Deep End, The A- 2001   Full Rev
Deep Impact A 1998    
Deep Rising C+ 1998    
Deep Water B- 2007    
Deepsea Challenge B 2014 Mini Rev Full Rev
Deepwater Horizon B+ 2016 Mini Rev Full Rev
Defiance B 2009 Mini Rev  
Definitely, Maybe B+ 2008    
Déjà Vu B- 2007   Full Rev
Delicacy C+ 2012 Mini Rev  
Delirious C+ 2007    
Deliver Us From Evil A- 2007    
Deliver Us From Evil C+ 2014 Mini Rev Full Rev
Delivery Man B- 2013 Mini Rev Full Rev
De-Lovely B+ 2004   Full Rev
Den of Thieves B- 2018 Mini Rev  
Denial B+ 2017 Mini Rev Full Rev
Departed, The A+ 2006   Full Rev
Departures A 2009 Mini Rev  
Derailed C+ 2006    
Descendants, The A 2012 Mini Rev Full Rev
Descent, The B+ 2006    
Desperate Measures B- 1998    
Despicable Me B+ 2010 Mini Rev  
Despicable Me 2 B+ 2013 Mini Rev  
Despicable Me 3 B 2017 Mini Rev  
Destiny Of Her Own, A B- 1999    
Destroyer B+ 2019 Mini Rev Full Rev
Detroit A- 2017 Mini Rev Full Rev
Detroit Rock City B 1999    
Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo C- 2005   Full Rev
Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo C- 2000   Full Rev
Devil B+ 2010 Mini Rev  
Devil In A Blue Dress B+ 1996    
Devil Inside, The C+ 2012 Mini Rev  
Devil Wears Prada, The A- 2006   Full Rev
Devil's Advocate, The B- 1998    
Devil's Own, The B 1997    
Diabolique B- 1996    
Diana C+ 2013 Mini Rev Full Rev
Diana And Me C- 1997    
Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel B+ 2012 Mini Rev  
Diary Of A Teenage Girl, The A 2015 Mini Rev  
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid B- 2010 Mini Rev  
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul C 2017 Mini Rev  
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules B- 2011 Mini Rev  
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 3 B- 2012 Mini Rev  
Dick B- 2000    
Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star C 2004    
Dictator, The B- 2012 Mini Rev Full Rev
Did You Hear About The Morgans? C 2009 Mini Rev  
Die Another Day B- 2002   Full Rev
Die Hard 4.0 B+ 2007   Full Rev
DiG! A- 2005   Full Rev
Dilemma, The C+ 2011 Mini Rev  
Dinner For Schmucks B- 2010 Mini Rev Full Rev
Dinner Guest, The B- 2008    
Dinner Rush B 2002    
Dinner, The C 2017 Mini Rev  
Dinosaur C+ 2000   Full Rev
Dior And I B 2015 Mini Rev  
Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights B 2004    
Dirty Deeds B+ 2002    
Dirty Grandpa C 2016 Mini Rev  
Dirty Pretty Things A- 2004   Full Rev
Disappearance Of Alice Creed, The A- 2010 Mini Rev Full Rev
Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby: Them, The A- 2015 Mini Rev  
Disaster Artist, The A- 2017 Mini Rev Full Rev
Disaster Movie C- 2008    
Disgrace B+ 2009 Mini Rev  
Dish, The A- 2000   Full Rev
Disobedience B- 2018 Mini Rev  
District 9 A- 2009 Mini Rev  
Disturbia B- 2007   Full Rev
Disturbing Behaviour C 1999    
Divergent B- 2014 Mini Rev  
Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood B- 2002    
Diving Bell & The Butterfly, The A 2008   Full Rev
Divorcing Jack B+ 1999    
Django Unchained A- 2013 Mini Rev Full Rev
DOA: Dead Or Alive C- 2006   Full Rev
Doctor Strange B+ 2016 Mini Rev Full Rev
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story A- 2004   Full Rev
Dog Soldiers C 2003    
Dog's Purpose C 2017 Mini Rev  
Dog's Way Home, A C+ 2019 Mini Rev  
Dogma B 2000   Full Rev
Dogville A 2003   Full Rev
Doing Time For Patsy Cline B+ 1997    
Dolphin Tale B+ 2011 Mini Rev  
Domestic Disturbance C 2002   Full Rev
Domino B 2005   Full Rev
Donbass C+ 2018 Mini Rev  
Donnie Brasco A- 1997    
Donnie Darko A 2002   Full Rev
Don't Breathe A- 2016 Mini Rev  
Don't Move B- 2004    
Don't Say A Word B- 2001   Full Rev
Don't Tell B+ 2017 Mini Rev  
Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot B 2018 Mini Rev  
Doom B- 2005   Full Rev
Door In The Floor, The A- 2005   Full Rev
Door, The C- 2012 Mini Rev  
Dope B 2015 Mini Rev  
Dorian Gray B 2009 Mini Rev  
Double Jeopardy C 2000   Full Rev
Double Team C 1997    
Doubt A- 2009   Full Rev
Down Periscope C 1996    
Down To Earth B- 2001   Full Rev
Down To You C- 2000   Full Rev
Down Under B+ 2016 Mini Rev Full Rev
Down With Love B+ 2003   Full Rev
Downfall A 2005    
Downsizing C+ 2017 Mini Rev  
Dr. Dolittle C+ 1998    
Dr. Dolittle 2 B+ 2001   Full Rev
Dr. Plonk B+ 2007   Full Rev
Dr. T And The Women C 2001    
Dracula 2000 B 2001   Full Rev
Dracula Untold B- 2014 Mini Rev Full Rev
Dracula: Dead & Loving It C 1996    
Drag Me To Hell A- 2009 Mini Rev Full Rev
Dragonball Evolution C- 2009 Mini Rev  
Dragonfly B- 2002   Full Rev
Dragonheart B+ 1996    
Dream With The Fishes B+ 1997    
Dreamcatcher C 2003   Full Rev
Dreamers, The B+ 2004   Full Rev
Dreamgirls B+ 2007   Full Rev
Dredd B- 2012 Mini Rev  
Dressmaker B 2015 Mini Rev Full Rev
Drift B 2013 Mini Rev  
Drillbit Taylor B- 2008    
Drive A- 2011 Mini Rev Full Rev
Drive Me Crazy B- 2000   Full Rev
Driven B- 2001   Full Rev
Driving Lessons C 2007    
Drop, The B 2014 Mini Rev Full Rev
Drop Dead Gorgeous B- 1999    
Drowning Mona B 2000    
D-Tox C- 2002    
Duchess, The B+ 2008   Full Rev
Dude, Where's My Car? C- 2001   Full Rev
Dudley Do-Right C 2000    
Due Date B+ 2010 Mini Rev  
Duets C+ 2001   Full Rev
DUFF, The B+ 2015 Mini Rev Full Rev
Dukes Of Hazzard, The C+ 2005   Full Rev
Dumb & Dumber To C 2015 Mini Rev  
Dumb And Dumberer C 2003    
Dumbo B- 2019 Mini Rev  
Dungeons And Dragons C- 2001    
Dunkirk A 2017 Mini Rev Full Rev
Dunston Checks In B 1996    
Duplicity A- 2009   Full Rev
Dust Off The Wings C+ 1997    
Dying Breed B 2008